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You know that sad, lonly, empty feeling you get when a series of some sort ends? I just finished watching Nana 2. It's ending was pretty good. Very real life, but it's sad that it's over. And on that note, there is only one more GodChild left.. ;-; I don't know what I will do after that ends. I loooove that series... and I know Loveless can't be to much longer.... Aww... I'm making myself feel lonly.

Anyway, I don't know what else to say.... I am working a few days while on break. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 6:30-10:30! Annnnd.... that's about all I can say! I' m ganna go watch Grey's Anatomy again. Bye!
I have already started buying x-mas presents so you can to. And if aaaaaannnyyyooonnneee is stumped on what they want to get me, I'll give you a nice Idea.

My love, Gackt, is coming out with a New CD. It shall be released on the 21ist of December. And guess who wants it. That's right! I do.

Pre-ordering can be found at these 2 places:



Anyway, Comicopia is having an AB registration day on the first, which is a Saturday. Anyone game to go with me?

More pictures!

I put more pictures online!


There they are, go there. Though I don't really like this scanner as much as my old one. My MP3 player did this scary thing that every time I went to print a picture of Michela and Ginger, some Kingdom Hearts song came on. Out of the like 6 versions of both the first games theme song, and the second versions theme song, it always started just as I was about to print those pictures.... weeiiiird.

Also, I GOT MY MACBOOK. >.> Yes...

I am going to Boston this weekend. I have to deliver a birthday present to a certain someone, who I still need to talk to. And I am going to see Maureen's play. I'm excited. And I should be working as well!

And than the weekend after is the Visit to see Toni, and than thansgiving. It's all going by really fast.

Also, I have been obsessivly working on Cosplay this week. I have the base of Sora done. Now I need to add the details.... Though his wig scares me.... yes... Okay, that's it....


AAC '07 Pics!

Okay, it took me nearly a month, but I finally got my film developed and started to print out some of the pictures I took at AAC. I got a total of 8 successful prints before I ran out of paper... So, I will need to get more paper, but until than, here at the 8 that I actually got printed.

 Guess what! I got my belly button pierced! Yay for me!


Hello everyone. Its beed a looong time. Here I am.

I am in college. And I hate it. Yay!

I went to AAC this weekend. It was fun and I made new friends. Yay!

I am now eating ramen and watching Grey's Anatomy! YAY!

I'll do an actual update later... bye. 


Okay fellow LJ Buddies. I am going to Boston this weekend. I need Art Supplies, and I need them ASAP. So... I need help. I need someone who can bring me to a nice art supply store, and I need someone who can also help me find what I need. I need a lot. Probibly a good $100-$150 worth of stuff... So I'll need people's hands to help me out also. My damn school as no art supplies... other than the erasers and tracing paper I found... So... Who wants to help this poor art student out?


Hey people. I am actually going to do an update here. And It might be long, depending on how much I want to talk about and how much I want to type. It is 2:40 am... ^_^;; I should go to bed.

Let's see. I'll start with College and go from there.

I am going to be going to Salem State college, for those of you who don't know. I plan on transfering, but I need to start off somewhere. I had my orientation on Thrusday-Friday. It wasn't bad. Alittle boring, long, and tiring. I had to get up at 5 that morning to get there on time.  I took a nap around 8, while others went to do other stuff. When I work up, my roommate informed me that there had been an incident in the dormrooms. On the fith level, a female student, who had been to the school for a year or two now, had her boyfriend over. They were having an arguement, and he pulled out a knife and stabbed her. There was blood on the floor, the elevators were blocked off, floor 5 was completely locked off. We had to use the stairs all night. There were police everywhere, crime tape, flashing lights. It was kinda scary. Unfortunetly this was happening past 11 at night. All I wanted to do was actually talk to an adult figure, but the only one I knew it wouldn't be asleep, didn't answer his phone. So the night was alittle shaky, But it went on. The second day was also long, and kinda boring, but none the less fun, and than I went home,

While I was there I realized things. How much I am going to miss people. I am going to miss work, and the people I work with... Well some of them. Not being able to have the power to get up, and pop in for a visit when I randomly want to.... the realization really hit me when I was there. My last day of work is friday, and though I am so ready to not work at that damn store anymore, I know I am going to miss a few of the people. I have been there for over a year, and a lot has happened. And while there, some of us... kind of formed our own little family. Though at certain points part of that family left, and I still feel some emptiness inside because of it, I know we are all some form of a family. And I am leaving that. So that is going to be upseting, but I'll keep in touch and that's all that matters.

And than there is my actual family. I am sad about leaving them, but excited for the freedom. I don't feel as much sadness about leaving, because I know I will beback nearly every month, but I'm pretty sure that once I'm there for a few days I'll miss my Mommi and Daddi.

Moving on.

As for relationships. I don't even know. Moving on is always hard, but I refuse to force myself to forget about the love I had for someone else. I am flirt with almost any good looking guy I see, esspecially if they are interested in me. But if there is no connection, mental or phsyical, I am not going to settle for that, nor am I going to force myself into some relationship that I am not into. It will come when it will come right? At some point everyone will meet someone that will make them forget about the emptiness they had when there last relationshhip ended. Time. That's all people need. Though if you waste to much time, you will waste your life... or something.

Let's see...

So... On Demand put One Missed Call and One Missed Call 2 back on. Which I was uber excited about. I had seen the second one, and the series but not the first one. So I watched it. And at the end... I wasn't every happy with it... It kinda sucked. But than! I watched the second Movie again, and boom! It made so much more sense. And so I really like both movies, and I like the series better now too. Though I still like the second movie better, and I cried like a baby at the end again. Her boyfriend was so hot, and a good boyfriend. She was pretty herself, but I want to bang that guy.... Anyway

What else do I have to talk about. COnventions?

Lemme see. I haven't talked about CTcon. It was alot of fun. The costumes, the people, the events. It was very fun. I had a great time. And it was alot of fun seeing everyone down there. JUst hanging out was fun too.

I am hopfully going to AAC. I have a few cosplay ideas. I need to buy fabric beforeI go to college. Nothing to difficult. I won't have a lot of time to do anything to crazy. So I'll have to see what I can get done. But I really do want to go. I'm excited to go.

And... that's it I guess... It wasn't to long. and it was kinda a nutshell of my thoughts latly. It is now 3 am... I think I should go to bed....


I just had to put my doggy to sleep... I have had this dog for over 8 years.... This has just not been a good week. Atleats I don't have work...

Comment and tell me if you want a letter. Then you share 10 songs starting with that letter.

I got F. Here we go.

1. Ferris Wheel- Candy Spooky Thearter
2. Feeling Fine- L'arc en Ciel
3. Feel- Koda Kumi
4. Forever- L'arc en Ciel
5. Faith- HYDE
6.Fallin'- Nana
7.Farewell- Gackt
8.Freesia- Gackt
9. Forgotten- Linkin Park
10. For the Lonely- Sweetbox

There are a few repeats with artists, but with my Ipod dead, and my laptop new I don't have much music on it yet.

Did anyone notice that my last post said it was posted April 1, 2008? What was that? An april fool's joke? But anyway I fixed it.
"Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty songs that come up. Append "in My Pants" to the end of each title."

1. Last Song In My Pants- Gackt
2. Hakuna Matata In My Pant- Lion King
3. Sudden Parting In My Pants- DoC
4. Everytime me Touch in My Pants- Cascada
5. Time After Time In My Pants- Cyndi Lauper
6. Lost Woods In My Pants- Legend of Zelda: OOT
7. Tears in My Pants- Ai Yori Aoshi
8. This is the Night in My Pants- Clay Aiken
9. Finally Reborn in My Pants- DoC
10. My Old Man in My Pants- Good Charlotte (Ew...)
11. Mr. Wonderful in My Pants- DDR 3rd Mix
12. Heat in My Pants- Koda Kumi 
13. For the Future in My Pants- Do as Infinity
14. Easy come and Easy go in My pants- Sweetbox
15. Missing in My Pants- Gackt
16. As long as Your Mine in My Pants- Wicked
17. Predilection in My Pants- Nittle Grasper
18. Endless Love, Endless Road in My Pants- Final Fantasy X
19. Playstation in My Pants- Eiffel 65
20. Bring honor to us in My Pants- Mulan

Yes... Anyway.... I bought an Ipod Video. I really didn't want to... but I ended up doing it anyway. It has a pretty pink cover.... And I bought a new Lolita Dress. I plan on wearing it to the The Candy Spooky Club Show in May. I am so excited for that... But let me get through AB, my sister's wedding, and Prom first.... I still need a prom date...

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